Pens by Mike Exotic handmade pens that defy imagination
Pens by MikeExotic handmade pens that defy imagination

If the picture has a price with it, we probably have it in stock now. If there's no price, we may be able to get the material and make you a custom order. All rollerball and fountain pens come in a wooden box. Bullet pens come in the rifle case carrying case, or you may switch to a wooden box.

Steampunk Watch Parts rollerball or fountain pen ... $249-$799

Watch parts and face are cast in acrylic — rhodium and 22kt gold plate accoutrement, very classy look

Genuine Fountain Pen Nibs under acrylic



This is a stunning fountain pen with a 22kt gold plate and iridium nib. It comes with the pump to refill and also takes the small catridges.


The accountrements are 22kt gold plate and rhodium (a member of the platinum family).


Genuine fountain pen nibs have been affixed to the tube of the pen, then covered with clear acrylic for a classic one-of-a-kind look.

Faux Ivory Art Deco Style ... $199 Titanium and rhodium accoutrement with 22kt gold plating and an amber Swarovski crystal in the clip. This particular pen has sold, but we have a few stone pens in similar style.

Pine cone slices are cast in acrylic. These feature rhodium and 22kt gold plate accoutrement. The one in the photo sold, but we have a similar one with blue acrylic.

Pine cone pen or Maple cast with acrylic ... $169

Mike does his own acrylic casting. In this case, a beautiful piece of maple burl that was too small to make into a pen has been filled out with a deep blue acrylic. The effect is stunning. Accoutrement are rhodium and 22kt gold plate, and there is a Swarovski crystal in the clip.

Heavy Metal Boilerplate Steampunk Pen -- Scepter or Majestic Style

This is the Majestic style, it is a little more straight and narrow than the Scepter style and features the Swarovski crystal in the clip. Available in roller ball or fountain pen style.
This is the Scepter style -- it has a bit more heft than the Majestic, and no crystal in the clip. Also available as a fountain pen or a roller ball.

Texas Mesquite with turquoise longhorn inlay $129

Ancient Bog Oak $109


The oak tree from which this pen is made was submerged in the peat bogs of the UK for 4,000 - 6,000 years.


The tannins in the water have permanently dyed the wood this dark color.


Comes with certificate of authenticity and is available in copper plating or titanium plating as seen here.

Roller ball pen made from oak reclaimed from a Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel



Jack Daniels creates their own barrels and uses them only one time, for 7 years. They then resell them.


This pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Roller ball pen made from Bocote Wood



This bocote is a Mexican hard wood with a distinctive mostly vertical grain.

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Most pens take a rollerball refill — most can be converted to a fountain pen refill. All non-bullet pens on this site will come in their own wooden box.

Our premium line comes with an imported Schmidt refill. This means a steel cartridge with a ceramic nib in the rollerball style, or a 22 carat gold plate and iridium fountain pen nib. These pens also feature accoutrement made of rhodium with 22 carat gold plate or titanium. They are smooth writers and very durable.

Our standard rollerball is 22 carat gold plate or gunmetal plating and uses a Pilot G2  rollerball refill or will come with a medium fountain pen nib and require the small fountain pen ink cartridge.

The replica 30 caliber bullet shell pens come with a Parker ballpoint refill and will also take a Parker gel refill.

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