Pens by Mike Exotic handmade pens that defy imagination
Pens by MikeExotic handmade pens that defy imagination

Fine writing instruments made from Bethlehem Olivewood

We work with olivewood harvested from the trimmings of living trees in the city of Bethlehem in the Holy Land. These trees may live for thousands of years, so your pen may come from the branches of a living tree which is 300 years old, 500 years old, or even 1,000 or 2,000 years old.


Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity which tells the story of the wood. Most take a rollerball refill available at any office supply store and are very smooth writers.

You may choose to have your olivewood pen in an olivewood branch box, a beautiful gift as an olive branch is a symbol of peace.

From the outside, the branch box looks like a simple branch, but inside is a beautiful handmade pen made from the same wood.

Or you may choose to have your pen in a matching olivewood box, made from Bethlehem olivewood. The boxes tend to be highly figured with beautiful grain, so they are a lovely match for the pen.

Each box (and pen) is unique. Yours may not look exactly like this, but we will endeavor to choose a good combination for you. Or come to a show and choose for yourself.

Pens are available with accoutrment of 22-karat gold plate or titanium, and in the matching olivewood box or the branch box (which is also olivewood). The set of one pen and your choice of box is $139.

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