Pens by Mike Exotic handmade pens that defy imagination
Pens by MikeExotic handmade pens that defy imagination

Bullet Pens

Steampunk Watch Parts Bolt Action

Actual watch parts under acrylic in our steampunk bolt action pen. You may purchase with the clock-face engraved box ... $249-$269

Bolt Action Bullet Pens

Our bullet pens are made from a replica 30-caliber rifle shell on the ends, with a bolt action that extends the nib. Different platings are available for different styles. Email Pens by Mike for more information. Most bullet pens come with the gun case box pictured below. The deer hunter comes in an engraved wooden box or the gun case box. If there is a price with the picture, we probably have the pen in stock. If there is no price, we may be able to get the material and make you a custom order.

Made from deer antler and a 30-caliber rifle shell replica with a buck's head and scope for the clip and beautiful etching of the 12-point buck around the nib, our Antler Deer Hunter special is $139 per pen in a rifle case or $179 per pen in the deer antler stand.

The Antler Deer Hunter special is generally available in brass or pewter plating.


It takes a Parker style refill, ballpoint or gel ink.

The wooden Deer Hunter special is $139 in a wooden engraved case or $119 in a rifle case. We can engrave a name or initials in a wooden case for a slight extra charge.

Texas Flag Bolt Action Bullet Pen ... $129

You may choose between gun metal or gold plating. Gun case box included.

Bolt Action Rattlesnake Bullet Pen with Resin Stand ... $179

You may also purchase the pen without the resin stand for $129. Available in gold plating or gun metal plating.

Wooden Bolt Action Bullet Pens ... $99

The lighter wood is oak which was reclaimed from a Jack Daniels Whiskey distillery barrel. It comes with a certificate of authenticity that tells its unique story. The clip is a small rifle. The bolt action on the side extends the nib.

Most bullet pens come in a gun-case style box.

Heavy Metal Boilerplate Bolt Action Pen ... $129 in gun case box

We have a very limited supply of these special bolt action pens -- the shaft features aluminum and a little copper with the appearance of tiny rivets for an industrial look, under clear acrylic. Choose gun metal or copper plating for the bullet shell. There is only one available with the small watch cog inlaid in the copper (first photo). The box is included.

Bolt Action Steampunk Pen ... $169
includes wooden case or rifle case

The steampunk bolt action bullet pen has the replica bullet shell tip, but the added features of small bolt and the Gatling Gun details for that authentic, industrial look. You may choose from copper or pewter plating; the pewter features copper contrast; the copper features brass contrast. The barrel of the pen is aluminum and copper with tiny rivets under clear, smooth acrylic.

For more information or to order, please email

Didn't find what you're looking for? The inventory of pens changes regularly. To see what new and interesting items are in stock,please come see us at a show in East or Central Texas or Alabama. Our calendar is here.

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